How to Celebrate Ramadan Days?

  • Apr 10, 2023
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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is regarded as the holiest month of the year.


Ramadan is the month of holiness, charity, and blessings. During Ramadan, Muslims are required to avoid eating and drinking from early morning until early evening. fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam.


There are two main meals in Ramadan: Suhoor and Iftar. Suhoor is consumed early in the morning before sunrise, just before fasting hours start. Iftar is the meal to break the fast.


On the first night of Ramadan, the family gathers at the house of the male head of the family, usually the grandfather, for their first Iftar.


In the UAE and the other GCC countries, dates are considered as the 'bread of the desert'. Gars, a bread-like crumble with dates and cardamom, is a popular Emirati sweet dish during Ramadan. Other common dishes are Harees and Threed.


Health tips for healthy fasting


  1. Break your fast with dates.

  2. Eat freshly prepared food and eat slowly.

  3. During the night drink enough water and avoid excessive consumption of coffee, sugar and salt.

  4. Do not exert yourself physically when fasting.

  5. Maintain a moderate level of physical activities.


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    Ramadan with Ramadan Flowers?


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