Where to Buy Flowers & Bouquets

  • May 31, 2023
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Depending  on your requirements, flowers can be purchased from the following outlets:




  • Inexpensive flowers
  • Easy to purchase
  • flowers can be returned if sub-standard


  • According to the individual store, the flowers may have been well looked after or ignored
  • Limited range of flowers
  • Foliage is extremely limited


Street flower stalls


  • Inexpensive flowers
  • Easy to purchase


  • Often open to the elements, which can limit their life
  • Wrapping options limited
  • May be difficult to return flowers
  • Foliage limited


Florists shop


  • Good range of flowers with long stems
  • Choice of foliage often available
  • Flowers can be returned if sub-standard
  • Ability to send flowers easily through a relay service such as Interflora or EFlorist
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Service


  • Flowers can be slightly more expensive than buying from a stall or supermarket


Major flower markets


  • Can be less expensive
  • A vast range of products with longer stems
  • Good range of foliage


  • May have to buy in larger quantities than required
  • Unless you are a regular, valued customer it may prove difficult to return substandard flowers
  • You need to understand the product to get the best quality

Content reference from Judith Black Lock (Author) - Flower arranging


Buying Online


  • Easy to purchase
  • Quality is usually high
  • Easy delivery, sending gifts to your loved ones directly from anywhere


  • Limited options
  • Colors may differ slightly from the original.

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