Why do we give bouquets to someone?

  • Jan 05, 2023
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Bouquets are made up of flowers that are tied together to form a single bouquet. Each mixed flower has a distinct personality in terms of color, fragrance, and appearance. The colors and specialties of each flower represent love, kindness, and positive energy, which makes us feel good and thoughtful.


we give bouquets to celebrate happy occasions such as love proposals, welcomes, birthday wishes, and anniversaries in order to make our loved ones feel special. It strengthens our bond. We believe that we have these bouquets boosts our mind and body energy. That is why, when someone has been admitted to the hospital for recovery or has some health issues, we choose bouquets to wish them a speedy recovery.


Each Bouquet is unique. and is named by sellers based on the season and flower variety as example, 

>Winter Wonderland 

>Under The Sea 

>Rising Star 

>Pretty In White 


>Tropical Night 

We can look at the flowers in the winter wonderland bouquet. 

The winter wonderland Bouquet includes dried eucalyptus, white hydrangea, purple rose nightingale, purple delphinium, and purple heart roses. Dried eucalyptus leaves are High in antioxidants. Although you cannot eat fresh. The delphinium plant is an herb. People use flowers to make medicine.

Hydrangea is a plant. This root and rhizome (underground stem) are used to make medicine. for more information.

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